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Tips For Attending A Concert At The Georgia Dome

Tips For Attending A Concert At The Georgia Dome

The Georgia Dome gets some truly incredible concerts. Some of the leading musicians in the world perform at this popular venue. If you are planning on attending a concert here, it is important to know what to expect. These tips should ensure that you have a great time.

As with any concert, parking can be an issue. Anytime thousands of people gather together for an event, parking spots are at a premium. Fortunately, the Georgia Dome has a lot of available parking. Just be sure to allow plenty of time so that you can find a good spot and get to the show without having to rush. Additionally, leave extra time after the show for getting home since it can take a while to work your way through traffic when everybody is leaving at the same time.

You may find it easier to take public transportation to and from the show. MARTA, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, makes stops just outside of the Georgia Dome. This can be a convenient way to get to the show without having to worry about dealing with traffic or parking. Just make sure that you identify your stops ahead of time so that you know where to get off.

The Georgia Dome has a clear bag policy in effect for concerts as well as for sporting events. In essence, this policy bans the use of purses or backpacks. Instead, if you want to carry a bag into the show, you have to use one of the approved transparent bags. There are also exceptions for small clutches or for medical devices that are carried in a bag. You can learn more about the clear bag policy on their website. The most important thing to remember, however, is that you shouldn’t bring a purse or backpack to the show with you.

Finally, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Getting dressed up for concerts can be fun. However, you should avoid wearing high heels or other shoes that could be uncomfortable. Instead, opt for sturdy shoes that will protect your feet in a crowd and that will provide you with the support that you need to stand for long periods of time. Even if your shoes aren’t the most fashionable, you will be glad that you have them on after you have been standing in one place or getting jostled around in the crowd for an hour or two.