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East Cobb Cityhood Movement Hires Lobbyist: Report

East Cobb Cityhood Movement Hires Lobbyist: Report

ATLANTA, GA — Supporters of an East Cobb cityhood movement have reportedly hired a lobbyist to guide a proposed referendum through the state legislature. The Committee for Cityhood in East Cobb, Inc., has been registered as an LLC to Cobb resident Owen Brown, a shopping center developer. This week, the LLC hired lobbyist John Garst.

According to the AJC’s report, the LLC has already hired Phil Kent, a conservative Republican activist and CEO of Vinings-based InsiderAdvantage, a polling and publishing firm founded by Matt Towery. Kent is a regular panelist on Fox 5’s "The Georgia Gang," and Towery was a campaign staffer during Newt Gingrich’s early political career.

The LLC has also paid $36,000 for an East Cobb cityhood feasibility study. Joe Gavalis, according to the AJC, is one of the leaders of the East Cobb cityhood movement, which you can learn more about by visiting their website EastCobbCityhood.com.

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